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From 嫁コレ (yomecolle) app. These are separate sound files that become a mini-drama when you put them in one playlist. This track is the mini-drama between Makishima Yuusuke and Toudou Jinpachi. There are other mini-dramas, between Toudou/Naruko/Shinkai, Onoda/Makishima, Onoda/Manami, Onoda/Imaizumi/Manami that I’m slowly working on getting. ^^

Makishima: Ku-ha! As expected of Toudou’s place. That was the best soak I’ve had in a while. My skin’s all soft and smooth now. You get to use a great hot spring like this every day… I’m jealous that your home is a hot spring inn.
Toudou: I see, I see! The water in our hot springs is free-flowing, directly from the source. It was a fulfilling experience, huh? And you’re welcome here any time, Maki-chan! You could even become part of my family! w
Makishima: No thanks. Chiba has pretty good hot springs too, you know. And you can circle the coastlands by bike. You should come over next time.
Toudou: Wahaha! You’re hurting my feelings, turning me down so readily, Maki-chan! But, sure, I’ll go to Chiba. …Hey, your hair is all wet. You’ll catch a cold that way. I’ll dry it for you.
Makishima: Stop, Toudou! My hair is delicate, it gets knotted up right away— Hm? My fingers go through it rather easily today… I-Is it because of the hair treatment I borrowed from you?
Toudou: Hmph! You finally realize it, Maki-chan! This Jinpachi’s cuticles aren’t made this way by imperfect treatment. Beauty isn’t made in a day!

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