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ライバル!! 東堂&巻島


Toudou: Good morning, Maki-chan! Rise and shine! …Hm? Oh, that’s my morning call for my dearly beloved rival. Ah. What’s wrong? You’re making a weird look. Don’t ruin that cute face.

Makishima: Geh, my call history got slammed again… I—It’s not from a girl! There’s a guy called Toudou in Hakogaku, he’s the one who keeps calling me— Hey, don’t think of any funny stuff!

From 嫁コレ(yomecolle) app. It will still take awhile yet, but I’m really close to completing all of Toudou’s sound files, with Maki-chan as a close second. Then I can move on to Shinkai, Manami, and the Sohoku stoplight trio. I can’t wait…!

I keep posting the toumaki-related bits, but this app is actually a really good reference for if either of them got girlfriends. (ˇωˇ)

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From 嫁コレ (yomecolle) app. These are separate sound files that become a mini-drama when you put them in one playlist. This track is the mini-drama between Makishima Yuusuke and Toudou Jinpachi. There are other mini-dramas, between Toudou/Naruko/Shinkai, Onoda/Makishima, Onoda/Manami, Onoda/Imaizumi/Manami that I’m slowly working on getting. ^^

Makishima: Ku-ha! As expected of Toudou’s place. That was the best soak I’ve had in a while. My skin’s all soft and smooth now. You get to use a great hot spring like this every day… I’m jealous that your home is a hot spring inn.
Toudou: I see, I see! The water in our hot springs is free-flowing, directly from the source. It was a fulfilling experience, huh? And you’re welcome here any time, Maki-chan! You could even become part of my family! w
Makishima: No thanks. Chiba has pretty good hot springs too, you know. And you can circle the coastlands by bike. You should come over next time.
Toudou: Wahaha! You’re hurting my feelings, turning me down so readily, Maki-chan! But, sure, I’ll go to Chiba. …Hey, your hair is all wet. You’ll catch a cold that way. I’ll dry it for you.
Makishima: Stop, Toudou! My hair is delicate, it gets knotted up right away— Hm? My fingers go through it rather easily today… I-Is it because of the hair treatment I borrowed from you?
Toudou: Hmph! You finally realize it, Maki-chan! This Jinpachi’s cuticles aren’t made this way by imperfect treatment. Beauty isn’t made in a day!

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